Professor Owolabi L. Kuye

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration


The Ashby Commission on “Post-School Certificate and Higher Education” appointed by the Federal Government in 1959, recommended, among other things, the establishment of a university in Lagos which would give special emphasis to “School of Commerce and Business Administration”. It was recognized that Lagos, as the then political and business capital of the Federation, would be an ideal site for an institution of higher learning geared towards producing mangers, accountants and administrators for the private as well as the public sectors of the economy.

Our Vision

To become the Faculty of 1st choice in Africa in an environment conducive to the pursuit of excellence in providing business education, teaching, research and service, relevant to the contemporary business world.

 Our Mission

To provide high-quality business administration education, to attract, and retain highly qualified and motivated academic staff, to advance knowledge, and to produce the workforce needed to promote economic development. All of the above will be accomplished in a technology-driven environment.